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2021 IBU Biathlon World Championships – Pokljuka Live

How to Watch 2021 IBU Biathlon World Championships Live : Schedule, Heading to Pokljuka, equipments, online stream free from anywhere In February 2021, the World Championships in Pokljuka is the big highlight of the season. After that, a side trip to Beijing for the test event of the 2022 Winter Olympics would have been planned. […]

How to Watch 2021 IBU Biathlon World Championships Live : Schedule, Heading to Pokljuka, equipments, online stream free from anywhere

In February 2021, the World Championships in Pokljuka is the big highlight of the season. After that, a side trip to Beijing for the test event of the 2022 Winter Olympics would have been planned. This event have been cancelled by the IBU in November, so the athletes will be guests in Nové Město for a two-week period in March at the end of the season, before heading to Oslo for the World Cup final.

The major event of the season: The IBU Biathlon World Championships from February 10 to 21, 2021 in Pokljuka. In 12 races, World Cup points will be awarded in addition to medals. 350 participants from 30 countries are starting in Slovenia. We present the schedule with start times, as well as the start lists and results. We have also included weather forecasts and webcam images.

Schedule IBU World Championships Biathlon 2021

Race Times and Events in Pokljuka:
Date Start Competition

10 Feb 2021
(Wednesday) 15:00 Team Mixed Relay 4 x 7,5 km
Live Stream
12 Feb 2021
(Friday) 14:30 Men Sprint 10 km
Live Stream
13 Feb 2021
(Saturday) 14:30 Women Sprint 7,5 km
Live Stream
14 Feb 2021
(Sunday) 13:15 Men Pursuit 12,5 km
Live Stream
14 Feb 2021
(Sunday) 15:30 Women Pursuit 10 km
Live Stream
16 Feb 2021
(Tuesday) 12:05 Women Individual 15 km
Live Stream
17 Feb 2021
(Wednesday) 14:30 Men Individual 20 km
Live Stream
18 Feb 2021
(Thursday) 15:15 Single Mixed Relay
Live Stream
20 Feb 2021
(Saturday) 11:45 Women Relay 4 x 6 km
Live Stream
20 Feb 2021
(Saturday) 15:00 Men Relay 4 x 7,5 km
Live Stream
21 Feb 2021
(Sunday) 12:30 Women Mass Start 12,5 km
Live Stream
21 Feb 2021
(Sunday) 15:15 Men Mass Start 15 km
Live Stream

Heading to Pokljuka: Men in the Medal Mix

The 2021 IBU World Championships will kick off with the mixed relay and the battle for medals will be as intense as ever. The men’s competitions will likely have a decidedly Norwegian feel; maybe something like Oberhof sprint fourth place Lukas Hofer described with a podium sweep in front of him, “fourth place in the Norwegian Champs!”

Image result for Heading to Pokljuka: Men in the Medal Mix

A sweep at the IBU WCH is possible but less likely, still this season has seen the Norwegian men at their best. They hold the top four spots in the IBU Men’s World Cup Total Score, with their fifth man in eleventh. That top four has won 11 of the 15 individual competitions, with Sebastian Samuelsson, Quentin Fillon Maillet, Arnd Peiffer and Alexander Loginov taking the other four. Norway has been on the podium in every relay mixed relay; they lead France in the IBU Nations Cup standings by a whopping 573 points! These Championships simply might have one theme: Norway vs. Everyone else!

The Norwegian names in the medal fray are well-known: Johannes Thingnes Boe, Sturla Holm Laegreid, Tarjei Boe, Johannes Dale, Vetle Sjaastad Christiansen. Add to the names above Emilien Jacquelin, Erik Lesser, and Jakov Fak and voila, the top medal (but not the only) contenders. How do all of these pieces fit together?

Mixed Relay

The Championships Opener will be a good harbinger of things to come over the 11-day stint at Pokljuka. All of the top men and women will be there. once again making this an exciting competition, The Boe brothers, Marte Olsbu Roeiseland and Tiril Eckhoff are the defending champions. Despite any penalty issues in the early legs, a potent crew. The Norwegians love to start Championships with a big effort; Tarjei and Joahnnes work together like a well-oiled machine closing out relays. No reason to expect anything less than Gold. The French team has to lean in the direction of Fillon Maillet and Jacquelin; Jacquelin on anchor seems like money (or medals) in the bank. The RBU owns the only mixed relay win this season but it will take big performances by solid-shooting Loginov and Eduard Latypov or Matvey Eliseev to put them in medal contention. Germany with the veterans Doll and Peiffer and the rising Belarusians could be in the mix, but the Germans might have the upper hand.

Heading to Pokljuka: Men in the Medal Mix

Single Mixed Relay

Johannes, Erik Lesser, Jacquelin, Samuelsson, Simon Eder, Matvey Eliseev, Lukas Hofer are the names likely to show up on the start. This is a just one huge sprint so Johannes, Hofer and Jacquelin pop up to the top. Eder has a great single mix track record, is shooting very well and skiing better than in many years. This is a tough one, but the Norwegians are defending champions so that probably settles the top spot. Think Hofer, Samuelsson and the Eder in the battle royale for the other medals.

Image result for Heading to Pokljuka: Men in the Medal Mix Single Mixed Relay

Heading to Pokljuka: Men in the Medal Mix


Loginov won last season in Antholz, but his ski speed is lacking; he is unlikely to repeat. It would be almost impossible to expect the man with 26 career BMW IBU World Cup sprint wins not to top the podium, although he has only won two this season. Johannes’ aggressiveness could carry the day. Should he miss more than one shot, unlikely as that is, Laegreid with his almost-guaranteed clean shooting will pounce for the Gold. Tarjei is better than he has ever been; considers the Kontiolahti sprint win “one of his best ever;” that’s a Norwegian sweep. Dale is the talented wild card here, maybe not up to the level of his teammates on the shooting range, but above almost everyone else, except Peiffer who has been on two sprint podiums this season

Heading to Pokljuka: Men in the Medal Mix


It will be hard to not consider the “almost World Cup rookie” Laegreid as the man to beat at Pokljuka. He won the last two BMW IBU World Cup pursuits; in the four contested so far this season, he fired 80 shots, missed only four! Of course, getting an advantageous pursuit start position means necessitates a good sprint, but Laegreid will probably deliver that. There is a “bull in the china shop:” defending champion Emilien Jacquelin, who regained a huge amount of confidence recently, especially from his déjà vu shellacking of Johannes in the Antholz relay. Jacquelin absolutely knows that he can go head-to-head with the Yellow Bib and prevail. That and a huge amount of pride could turn this into a Norway/ France duel for Gold once again. Johannes has not been at his best in pursuits this season, but everyone knows if he starts wearing bib number 1, the dynamic changes; his ski talent can bury the field and with his refound pursuit of fun could shoot 18/19 of 20 probably enough for the Gold medal. This could easily become as three-man tussle; the one with nerves of steel in the last standing and skis like Superman on the last loop will prevail. Tarjei, if he holds his shooting together for four stages and Samuelsson with his balanced ski/shoot package could spice up the medal chase.

Heading to Pokljuka: Men in the Medal Mix

20 km Individual

Laegreid is the man to beat; two competitions so far: a win and a second place. This is the shooter’s competition, perfect for the 23-year-old plus he has the ski speed/strength combo, crucial in this longest of biathlon competitions. Fillon Maillet, aka Mr. Four-stage slips in next, with two solid performances this season. Like Jacquelin, Fillon Maillet has a gritty competitiveness and an emotional component that comes out on four-stage days. He can shoot with the best, a perfect fit for the Silver spot. Jakov Fak is the Slovenian hometown hero and knows the Pokljuka tracks and shooting range like the back of his hand. Fak’s shooting is at a career-high level and very competitive all season. Most importantly, Fak has three career podiums in the 20 km individual: 2011 IBU WCH Gold medal, 2018 Pyeongchang OWG Silver medal, 2009 IBU WCH Bronze medal and was fourth last year in Antholz. Championship 20 km medal number four could come in his home stadium. Loginov has to be mentioned just because of his Antholz win; 20-for-20 is his only route to a medal.

Heading to Pokljuka: Men in the Medal Mix

Mass Start

The man who won just the Antholz mass start a couple of weeks ago also won the IBU World Champion title a year ago, the indomitable Yellow Bib. The two wins were similar: 19-for-20 recently, clean shooting last year; a 31-second win in January, a 42 second win a year ago. In both instances the Norwegian had that certain swagger, like “okay boys, come after me, but I am still going to win.” After his 2021 win, he commented, “I attacked and it ended with a win… You have to attack to be the best.” If that happens at Pokljuka, game over, Gold to the Yellow Bib. On the flip side, older brother Tarjei was better in two of the three mass starts so far and would like another IBU WCH Mass Start Gold medal to go with his 2013 title. Tarjei should be physically ready after an Italian pre-IBU WCH altitude camp, but he knows that it all comes down to shooting to take a medal. Beyond this brother combo, it is the four-stage credentials of last year’s Silver medalist Fillon Maillet and the veteran Peiffer whose cool calm demeanor is perfect for a last standing pounce. Fillon Maillet’s generally excellent standing and Peiffer’s clean-shooting Hochfilzen win thrust this duo into the medal mix.
Heading to Pokljuka: Men in the Medal Mix


Talent-wise, the Norwegians should finish atop the podium, but they have only won once, finishing second to Sweden and France in the other two relays. They must stay off the penalty loop, otherwise the door is open for opponents Sweden and France. Samuelsson can stay with Johannes and Jacquelin has the Norwegian’s number. Both challengers are generally strong on the range, with the French squad having a bit more firepower on the tracks. These three look like the top teams with the French foursome on the rise recently. Just a notch behind are the Germans, who are almost always in the podium discussion. With his rekindled shooting range confidence and medals and bragging rights on the line, do not be surprised to see Mr. Johannes Thingnes Boe cross the Pokljuka finish line first waving the Norwegian flag.

The major players will most likely grab the bulk of the medals in the next two weeks, but as always, surprises will loom: some unexpected successes and some shocking failures. Regardless, the big event of the season will be as exciting and suspenseful as ever

In just a few days, the biggest names in biathlon will be on the winding 100+-turn, mountain road that ends at the Pokljuka Sports Center, the venue for the 2021 IBU World Championships. This 30-minute daily trek from Bled where most teams stay is a familiar one, going from the lakeside tourist setting to the secluded venue deep in Triglav National Park.

1 / 22 Pokljuka

Winter Paradise Buried in Snow

The Pokljuka plateau and the isolated venue, buried in snow this winter seems fitting in this covid-19 affected season. The sans-spectators competitions in the middle of a huge swath of undisturbed forest with just the tall pines, some bears deep in winter hibernation, and a few masked coaches lining the tracks make it a perfectly covid-19-free zone.

Yet amid this natural winter paradise where the sun glows brightly most days, the competitions will be as intense as any this winter. The stakes are high; medals and bragging rights are on the line. The twelve competitions spread over eleven days are what every biathlete spent the last eight months preparing for.

Image result for Heading to Pokljuka: women in the Medal Mix

There will be intense battles for every ribbon-strung Gold, Silver or Bronze medal. Not one athlete will show up at the press conference, commenting on their medal-winning effort with, “That was easy!”

Hotly-contested Competitions

This season so far, most women’s competitions have been hotly contested, with seven different women topping the podium including three first-timers. The top three in the IBU Women’s World Cup Total Score are separated by a mere nine points.

Keeping that in mind, let’s take a look at what the competition-by-competition battles look like for the ladies.

Mixed Relay

With a couple of days between the mixed relay and the women’s sprint, all of the power teams will load up their mixed relay rosters. That means, although RBU won the only mixed relay this season, they are not the favorites. Expect Marte Olsbu Roeiseland and Tiril Eckhoff back for the defending champions, Dorothea Wierer and Lisa Vittozzi the obvious choices for Italy, Denise Herrmann and Franziska Preuss for Germany, France with Julia Simon and Anais Chevalier-Bouchet, and the RBU with Tatiana Akimova and Svetlana Mironova. Olsbu Roeiseland, the star last year in Antholz shoots better and skis her last loops with determination, while Eckhoff, subject to shooting blips can outrun those errors. Vittozzi is the current weak link, but shined brightly in the last women’s relay. She and Wierer could be even with their Norwegian counterparts. Herrmann seems a bit lost at times, shooting better, yet does not have the same track flash as last season, while Preuss is steady. Simon is a bulldog on the tracks, and seems to shoot the best in pressure standing stages; Chevalier-Bouchet shoot clean in relays. These five probably will be the medal contenders but Belarus with rising star Dzinara Alimbekava could jump in as a spoiler.

Image result for Heading to Pokljuka: women in the Medal Mix

Single Mixed Relay

Think of most of the same “usual suspects” in the single mixed, with Hanna Oeberg, Olsbu Roeiseland, Wierer, Lisa Theresa Hauser, Herrmann, Marketa Davidova, Alimbekava and Simon. That is what makes this fast sprint so much fun. Hauser, Oeberg and Wierer will flash their rifle skills while Hermann, Davidova and Simon will burn up the tracks. Who has the best combination?

Image result for Heading to Pokljuka: women in the Medal Mix

Hauser has the podium track record, Oeberg and Wierer have medals, but the Norwegians are defending champions so…


The sprint looks simple, but surely will not be. Eckhoff won the last three and was second in the previous one. Olsbu Roeiseland has not won this season, but has not been out of the top eight, with five of the six in the top five. She is the defending champion which is worth something. Oeberg has won twice early in the season and is the best overall on the range. The Yellow Bib looks to be the most stable, and likely to medal, but if Eckhoff is on, she takes it hands down with her ability to outrun a bad shot or two. Oeberg, the newly minted sprinter should make the podium. Think of the steady Hauser and Justine Braisaz-Bouchet as in the medal mix.


This again looks easy, considering that Eckhoff has won three of the four pursuits this season. If she wins the sprint, the confidence will be there to carry her to pursuit Gold. She has the tendency to win if she starts in the lead. Yet Wierer is the defending champion, owns fifteen career pursuit podiums and again if the range confidence is there, will shoot with machine-gun speed and laser precision, retaining her title. Olsbu Roeiseland shot clean in the most recent pursuit, coming within a half-second of her winning teammate while Oeberg has been in the mix in every pursuit, but melted a bit in Oberhof. Shooting will determine this one.


Wierer is the defending titlist; won in Antholz with two penalties and a lot of adrenalin. This season she won the season-opener, was fourth in Antholz recently, in the Red Bib, and shooting at 90%+ tilts the odds in her favor. There will be less pressure to defend than competing last year at home. Hauser has been so good recently that she comes up next; the convincing win in the thin air at Antholz says a lot, and the Pokljuka altitude, very similar to her home stadium at Hochfilzen. Yulia Dzhima is the long shot, having trained at Pokljuka for the past three seasons, she knows the tracks like the back of her hand. Her track record in the 15 km in recent seasons is only second to Wierer. Oeberg could easily renew her 15 km credentials with a 20 for-20 day.

Mass Start

Suddenly this one is easy… for now. Simon it the current “Queen of the Mass Start,” with two consecutive, very convincing victories. She was 11th and 13th coming into the last standing in Oberhof and Antholz respectively, shot clean in that final stage and won with deep-in-the-red-zone last loops. Defending champ Olsbu Roeiseland was seventh the last two mass starts after winning in Hochfilzen; her shooting let her down both times. Her track speed, especially her last loop closing speed is the Norwegian’s saving grace; it should bring her a medal. Oeberg’s “complete package” pushes her to the podium, but any letdown opens the door for Hauser or Preuss.


Penalty loops have taken last season’s undefeated team and World Champions Norway out of the medal picture. They can still get a medal or even win, but only if they solve the penalty problem. Olsbu Roeiseland is good but no Superwoman when she takes the tag in 10th, 1:15 back. Germany has the best overall record, but their Gold medal hopes rest heavily on Herrmann’s skis after a solid shooting performance. The RBU with Tatiana Akimova showed they can top both; a Antholz-like day gives them the premier podium spot. France is steady, but like the Norwegians can be penalty-prone; the French relay heritage gives them a medal. Think Sweden with a win, two third and only one poor performance complicating the medal battle.


Subscription: Live IBU Biathlon World Cup coverage will be available on and on the Olympic Channel app for those with a cable or digital media company (e.g. YouTubeTV) package. Live viewing is also available for subscribers to NBC Sports Gold. Another option is to purchase NBC’s “Snow Pass” for $69.99 by visiting, which provides live and on-demand streaming of all NBC’s snow sports coverage for the season. For more information on NBC’s TV and online coverage, see here.


Men’s first team Austria:
Name Date of Birth Residence
Julian Eberhard 09.11.1986 Saalfelden
Simon Eder 23.02.1983 Saalfelden
Felix Leitner 31.12.1996 Hochfilzen

Women’s first team Austria:
Name Date of Birth Residence
Lisa Hauser 16.12.1993 Kitzbühel
Katharina Innerhofer 17.01.1991 Maria Alm
Christina Rieder 29.12.1993 Leogang
Julia Schwaiger 21.01.1996 Saalfelden


National Team Men Belarus:
Name Date of Birth Residence
Anton Smolski 16.12.1996 Minsk
Sergey Bocharnikov 28.02.1988 Minsk
Raman Yaliotnau 10.05.1993 Chausy
Maksim Varabei 10.12.1995 Borisov
Mikita Labastau 19.04.1997 Okolitsa
Viktor Kryuko 13.09.1995
Dzmitry Lazouski 09.09.1998

National Team Women Belarus:
Name Date of Birth Residence
Iryna Kryuko 30.07.1991 Novopolotsk
Dzinara Alimbekava 05.01.1996 Chausy
Elena Kruchinkina 28.03.1995 Smolniy
Irina Kruchinkina 28.03.1995 Minsk
Hanna Sola 16.02.1996 Novopolsk
Alina Pilchuk 27.06.2000

Czech Republic

Men’s first team Czech Republic:
Name Date of birth Residence

Michal Krčmář
23.01.1991 Jablonec nad Nisou

Tomáš Krupčík
08.01.1988 Jablonec nad Nisou

Ondřej Moravec


Adam Václavík

Jakub Štvrtecky 21.12.1998 Velke Karlovice

Michal Šlesingr

Women’s first team Czech Republic:
Name Date of birth Residence
Markéta Davidová 03.01.1997 Janov nad Nisou
Lucie Charvátová 01.02.1993 Vrchlabi

Eva Puskarčíková


Jessica Jislová

Jablonec nad Nisou
Veronika Vítková 09.12.1988


Men’s first team France:
Name Date of birth Residence
Simon Desthieux 03.12.1991 Hauteville-Lompnes
Quentin Fillon Maillet 16.08.1992 St Laurent
Antonin Guigonnat 02.07.1991 Les Contamines-Montjoje
Emilien Jacquelin 11.07.1995 Villard de Lans
Fabien Claude 22.12.1994 Basse sur le Rupt

Women’s first team France:
Name Date of birth Residence
Anais Bescond 15.05.1987 Les Rousses
Justine Braisaz-Bouchet 04.07.1996 Hauteluce
Anais Chevalier-Bouchet 12.02.1993 Villard de Lans
Julia Simon 09.10.1996 Les Saisies


National Team Men Finland:
Name Date of Birth Residence
Tero Seppala 25.01.1996 Joensuu
Jaako Ranta 01.08.1997 Lappeenranta
Tuomas Harjula 08.06.1998 Vuokatti
Olli Hiidensalo 02.02.1991 Hameenlinna
Tuukka Invenius 96.08.1997 Espoo

National Team Women Finland:
Name Date of Birth Residence
Mari Eder 09.11.1987 Thalgau (Österreich)
Suvi Minkkinen 08.12.1994 Joensuu
Venla Lehtonen 10.05.1995 Imatra
Erika Jänkä 23.11.1995 Hämeenlinna
Heidi Nikkinen 10.01.2001 Kouvola


Men’s first team Germany:
Name Date of birth Height Club
Benedikt Doll 24.03.1990 178cm SZ Breitnau
Arnd Peiffer 18.03.1987 186cm WSV Clausthal-Zellerfeld
Erik Lesser 17.05.1988 170cm SV Eintracht Frankenhain
Philipp Horn 08.11.1994 178cm SV Eintracht Frankenhain
Johannes Kühn 19.11.1991 188cm WSV Reit im Winkl
Roman Rees 01.03.1993 183cm Ski-Verein Schauinsland
Lucas Fratzscher 06.07.1994 180cm WSV Oberhof
Johannes Donhauser 12.05.1994 187cm SC Monte Kaolino Hirschau
Dominic Schmuck 25.05.1996 184cm SC Schleching

Women’s first team Germany:
Name Date of birth Height Club
Denise Herrmann 20.12.1988 175cm WSC Oberwiesenthal
Franziska Preuß 11.03.1994 172cm SC Haag
Vanessa Hinz 24.03.1992 176cm SC Schliersee
Maren Hammerschmidt 24.10.1989 169cm SK Winterberg
Janina Hettich 16.06.1996 162cm Ski Club Schönwald
Sophia Schneider 12.09.1997 167cm SV Oberteisendorf
Anna Weidel 25.05.1996 170cm WSV Kiefersfelden


Men’s first team Italy:
Name Date of birth Residence
Lukas Hofer 30.09.1989 Montal
Dominik Windisch 06.11.1989 Antholz
Patrick Braunhofer 19.04.1998 Ridnau
Didier Bionaz 22.02.2000 Bionaz
Thomas Bormolini 29.08.1991 Livigno
Daniele Cappellari 27.03.1997
Tommaso Giacomel 05.04.2000

Women’s first team Italy:
Name Date of birth Residence
Lisa Vittozzi 04.02.1995 Sappada
Dorothea Wierer 03.04.1990 Antholz
Federica Sanfilippo 24.10.1990 Ridnaun
Nicole Gontier 17.11.1991 Donnas
Michela Carrara 10.05.1997 C.S. Esercito
Irene Lardschneider 09.02.1998 Selva Val Gardena


Men’s first team Norway:
Name Date of birth Residence

Johannes Thingnes Bø
16.05.1993 Oslo

Tarjei Bø
29.07.1988 Oslo

Johannes Dale
23.05.1997 Lillehammer

Erlend Bjøntegaard
30.07.1990 Oslo
Vetle Sjåstad Christiansen 12.05.1992 Oslo

Sturla Holm Laegreid
20.02.1997 Lillehammer

Women’s first team Norway:
Name Date of birth Residence

Marte Olsbu Røiseland
07.12.1990 Lillehammer

Tiril Eckhoff
21.05.1990 Oslo

Emilie Ågheim Kalkenberg
06.07.1997 Lillehammer

Ingrid Landmark Tandrevold
23.09.1996 Oslo
Ida Lien 05.04.1997 Lillehammer
Karoline O. Knotten 06.01.1995 Lillehammer


National Team Men Poland:
Name Date of Birth Residence
Grzegorz Guzik 20.08.1991 Juszczyn
Lukasz Szczurek 01.04.1988 Korczyna
Andrzej Nedza-Kubiniec 19.06.1991 Koscielisko
Marcin Szwajnos 21.12.1998 Ciche
Wojciech Skoruska 04.06.1998 Chocholow
Mateusz Janik 20.05.1995 Walbrzych
Przemsyslaw Pancerz 30.09.1998 Kamienna Gora
Lukasz Sidorowicz 25.06.1997 Klodzko
Tomasz Jakiela 29.10.1996 Nowy Targ
Tadeusz Nedza-Kubiniec 30.10.1997 Zakopane

National Team Women Poland:
Name Date of Birth Residence
Monika Hojnisz-Starega 27.08.1991 Chorzow
Kamila Zuk 18.11.1997 Sokolowsko
Kinga Zbylut 10.04.1995 Ciche
Karolina Piton 25.02.1987 Koscielisko
Magdalena Gwizdon 04.08.1979 Cieszyn
Kamila Cichon 29.07.1997 Krosno
Joanna Jakiela 02.03.1999 Zakopane
Anna Maka 22.05.1992 Zakopane
Natalia Tomaszewska 09.09.1998 Zakopane


Men’s first team Russia:
Name Date of birth Height Hometown

Evgeny Garanichev
13.02.1988 170cm Novoilinsky, Perm

Matvey Eliseev
31.03.1993 188cm Moskau
Alexander Loginov 31.01.1992 177cm Saratow
Eduard Latypov 21.04.1991 176cm Grodno (Belarus)
Nikita Porshnev 05.03.1996 193cm Saratow
Kiril Streitsov 27.02.1996 184cm Moskau

Women’s first team Russia:
Name Date of birth Height Hometown

Ekaterina Yurlova-Percht
23.02.1985 160cm


Irina Starykh
26.08.1987 171cm Kurgan Stadt

Kristina Reztsova
27.04.1996 167cm Moskau

Larisa Kuklina
12.12.1990 164cm Labytnangi

Svetlana Mironova
22.02.1994 165cm Moryakovka, Tomsk

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Men’s first team Sweden:
Name Date of Birth Residence
Sebastian Samuelsson 28.03.1997 Östersund
Peppe Femling 24.03.1992 Östersund
Martin Ponsiluoma 08.09.1995 Östersund
Jesper Nelin 03.10.1992 Östersund
Malte Stefansson 04.04.2000 Oxberg

Women’s first team Sweden:
Name Date of Birth Residence
Hanna Öberg 02.11.1995 Östersund
Anna Magnusson 31.03.1995 Östersund
Mona Brorsson 28.03.1990 Östersund
Elvira Öberg 26.02.1999 Östersund
Linn Persson 27.06.1994 Östersund
Stina Nilsson 24.06.1993 Östersund
Johanna Skottheim 28.05.1994 Östersund


Men’s first team Switzerland:
Name Date of birth Height Club
Benjamin Weger 05.10.1989 181cm Geschinen

Women’s first team Switzerland:
Name Date of birth Height Residence
Lena Häcki 01.07.1995 164cm Engelberg
Selina Gasparin 03.04.1984 163cm Lantsch
Elisa Gasparin 02.12.1991 159cm Lantsch
Aita Gasparin 09.02.1994 163cm Valbella


National A-Team Men Ukraine:
Name Date of Birth Residence
Artem Pryma 30.05.1987 Chernigiv
Dmytro Pidruchnyi 05.11.2991 Ternopil
Anton Dudchenko 17.12.1996 Viry
Bogdan Tsymbal 09.08.1997 Sumy
Ruslan Tkalenko 13.11.1992 Chernihiv
Artem Tishchenko 22.12.1193 Chernihiv
Serhy Semenov 28.07.1988 Chernigiv
Taras Lesyuk 21.08.1996 Chernihiv

National A-Team Women Ukraine:
Name Date of Birth Residence
Yuliia Dzhima 19.09.1990 Kyiv
Olena Pidhrushna 09.01.1987 Ternopil
Valj Semerenko 18.01.1986 Sumy
Vita Semerenko 18.01.1986 Sumy
Darya Blashko 28.01.1996 Chernihiv
Yuliya Zhuravok 11.10.1994 Hoten
Ekaterina Bekh 19.08.1998 Kiev


National A-Team Men USA:
Name Date of Birth Hometown
Sean Doherty 08.06.1995 Center Conway, New Hampshire
Leif Nordgren 18.05.1989 Colorado Springs, Colorado
Paul Schommer 06.06.1992 Appleton, Wisconsin
Jake Brown 28.03.1992 Saint Paul, Minnesota

National A-Team Women USA:
Name Date of Birth Hometown
Susan Dunklee 13.02.1986 Newport, Vermont
Clare Egan 19.11.1987 Cape Elizabeth, Maine
Deedra Irwin 27.05.1992 Pulaski, Wisconsin.

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