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NFL Wild Card Playoffs 2021 Live Stream Free on Reddit Watch Sunday Night Playoffs Match Online today

If you’re hoping to watch the playoffs tonight you might be confused to see that you can’t find Reddit NFL Streams. Read on to see why it was banned and what the best alternatives are. Super Wild Card Weekend is finally here. There’s truly nothing better than some good, high stakes playoff football. Live Stream: […]

If you’re hoping to watch the playoffs tonight you might be confused to see that you can’t find Reddit NFL Streams. Read on to see why it was banned and what the best alternatives are. Super Wild Card Weekend is finally here. There’s truly nothing better than some good, high stakes playoff football.

After a long and tough season filled with COVID hurdles, the playoffs continue tonight and things are looking promising. Sure, there might be some clear frontrunners in the race to the Super Bowl but it’s realistically anyone’s for the taking this year.

Just take the Rams victory over the Seahawks or Washington’s impressive fight against Tampa Bay as examples. In the playoffs, form and record go out the window and it comes down to who wants it more.

With the new playoff format there are 14 teams in the postseason and therefore 6 wild card games. The 3 games tonight are:

#2 New Orleans Saints vs #7 Chicago Bears
#3 Pittsburgh Steelers vs. #6 Cleveland Browns
#4 Tennessee Titans vs. #5 Baltimore Ravens

The 3 games will be broadcasted on CBS, NBC, and ESPN respectively.

If you don’t have cable, you might be concerned about missing the action now that Reddit banned r/nflstreams. Read on to find to why Reddit NFL streams was banned and what the best alternatives are.
Why Was Reddit NFL Streams Banned?

The r/nflstreams subreddit was one of the most valuable resources for NFL fans around the world. Links, which were reliable for the most part, were posted for every single NFL game.

Fans were also spoiled for choice, considering they could watch NFL Redzone and NFL Network. And the best part about all of this was that the streams were completely free. No payment, no account, just a link with a couple of pop-ups here and there.

However, the free ride came to an end when Reddit banned the page. So, why did Reddit ban one of their most popular pages?

The short answer to this question is that the subreddit was technically illegal. If you watch other sports, you probably weren’t too surprised to see Reddit make this decision. Before the ban, the page for NBA and Soccer streams were also taken down.

The basic problem is that posting free links is a clear case of copyright infringement and leagues were starting to take notice. Interestingly though, Reddit was never forced to ban the subreddit, but rather chose to do so according to their own repeat infringement policy.

The policy reads:

Our policy is to close the accounts of users, in appropriate circumstances, who have repeatedly been charged with copyright infringement. Sometimes a repeat infringement problem is limited to one user and we close just that user’s account. Other times, the problem pervades a whole subreddit community and we close the subreddit.
Where to Stream Super Wild Card Weekend?

The numerous streaming options listed below may carry all, some, or none of the playoff games. So, if you currently subscribe to any of those services you should check if they carry the games.

However speaking more specifically,

The Saints-Bears game can be streamed on CBS All Access, fuboTV, and Amazon Prime Video
The Steelers-Browns game can be streamed on NBC Sports app and fuboTV
The Titans-Ravens game can be streamed on the ESPN app and fuboTV

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Plan Ahead for Next Season: What is the Best Way to Stream NFL Games For Free?

Of course, there are very few truly free ways to watch the NFL. One of the best way is with the Yahoo! Sports App. Users can livestream games for free on their phones or tablets.

This includes MNF and TNF games too. However, fans can only watch games which are broadcast in their local TV market. The official NFL app also works in a similar way.

Keep in mind, these are option for streaming local games, and are not available for fans outside of the United States.

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Other Paid Options with Free Trials
Amazon Prime Video

All Thursday Night Football games can be live-streamed using Amazon prime video. If you already have a prime subscription, you can stream the games at no additional charge.

This year, fans can watch NFL games live with Hulu+LiveTV. The normal Hulu package doesn’t include NFL coverage, but users can watch ESPN, NBC, Fox, and CBS for a fee.

Price: $54.99/month

What’s missing?: NFL Redzone and NFL Network

Subscribers will have access to sports channels including ESPN and NFL Network. Additionally, there is an option for a 7 day free trial and for an extra $10.99, you can watch NFL Redzone too.

Price: $64.99

What’s missing?: ABC
YouTube TV

This may be the most comprehensive option for streaming NFL in 2020. With Youtube TV, you can access every channel you need for the NFL (and more). However, you will have to pay an additional $10.99 for Redzone similar to FuboTV.

Both streaming services will be available via mobile apps on Android and IOS. Moreover, fans can watch the games on their TVs using Roku, Chromecast, Android TV, Apple TV and Fire TV with both Youtube TV and FuboTV.

Price: $64.99

What’s missing?: Technically, nothing. You’ll have to pay an additional fee for Redzone, though.
Other Streaming Services

Fans can also stream games on a number of other platforms including Sling, AT&TV Now, Vidgo, and CBS All Access.

Thursday Night Football has also been available for Amazon Prime users since week 4. Not the worst option for casual fans who don’t need a full blown cable replacement.

Finally, DirecTV will offer a non-satellite version of NFL Sunday ticket to people living in apartments or condos. These fans will be able to watch every Sunday afternoon game live.